Since 2015, the Chantereyne Naval Circle of the Basis of Defense of Cherbourg (French Navy) present a photographic exhibition destined to the personnel and their families. This Month of Photography a little singular was born of our encounter with Franck Letourneur, the Chief Doctor of the Basis of Defense ; and Dominique Launay, the Director of the naval circle Chantereyne of the Basis of Defense of Cherbourg. Since then, year after year, we write together a new photographic page based on beautiful human stories.

Photographer Guest in 2022: Karine & Serge NOWAK

.Photographer Guest in 2021: Pierre SOISSONS

© Pierre Soissons /

Photographer Guest in 2019: Karine & Serge NOWAK

© Karine Nowak /

Photographer Guest in 2018: Jérôme HOUYVET

© Jérôme Houyvet /

Photographer Guest in 2017: Hans SILVESTER

© Hans Silvester /

Photographer Guest in 2016: Alain GUALINA

© Alain Gualina /

Photographer Guest in 2015: Alain GUALINA

© Alain Gualina /