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« Somewhere on Earth » led us to Cherbourg, a port-city on the shores of the Channel. At the very end of France, the whole city is facing the horizon and the whole world. The Cotentin peninsula is mainly a rural area. It has always been a land of History and Freedom. The sea, the tides, and all maritime activity pulse the daily life of the inhabitants.

We realized the first shots of this artwork at the announcement of multiple urban works in the city. They made us understand to what degree a city is alive, moving and constantly changing over time. Even downtown, life advances or withdraws: high tide, low tide, tirelessly…

One picture after the other, a sensitive frame questions the fragile connection binding our existence to this not ordinary but familiar dimension, our living environment. Mankind is rarely present but always suggested. It is with images only that we hope to raise this universal and intense connection from every human being with its environment, well beyond Cherbourg… « Somewhere on Earth »!